Cookie policy

The service uses both session and stored cookies. Session cookies are stored temporarily and deleted when you close your browser. Persistent cookies are retained after your session is closed. Some cookies set on the WinMiners service website are also placed by information, advertising, analytical and research partners (the "Partners"), who may combine the cookies collected through the service with other information provided by you or collected from other websites.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a tiny file that contains text information and is stored by the web browser when the User visits websites. This allows the WinMiners service, in an open browser, to store and identify the User's Internet activity and individual preferences.

Certain cookies set on the Service website, in particular those combined with unique identifiers and other information obtained by the Service, may be used to identify the User ("Cookie Identifiers"). WinMiners Service does not use Cookie Identifiers to identify User, however, as Cookie Identifiers may theoretically lead to the identification of User, WinMiners Service considers such data to be personally identifiable information.

User consent to the use of cookies

The service uses cookies on the basis of the User's consent. The User is not obliged to give the service permission to process cookies. The User consents to the processing of cookies and accepts this Cookie Policy in the following cases:

• In the case of Cookie IDs - by clicking on the "I agree" button on the cookie pop-up window;

• In the case of other cookies (i.e. those that cannot identify you), simply when you use the service.

By accepting this Policy, the User voluntarily, expressly and explicitly signifies that they are informed and gives their express consent to the collection and processing of their cookies by the service as described in this Cookie Policy.

In order to refuse the processing of the Cookie Identifiers, the User must click on the refusal link at the bottom of the web page. Upon User's refusal, WinMiners shall immediately disable the cookie IDs and delete the User's cookie IDs from all of its systems.

Use of cookies

The use of cookies installed on the WinMiners Service website, (and by the Partners), takes place in order to carry out an analysis of the use and traffic of the Service, and to improve its operation.

The Partners may also use cookies collected through the Service, for purposes going beyond those for which WinMiners needs the cookies, in particular to:

• Setting User preferences when using other websites;

• Displaying advertisements that are most relevant to the User;

• Evaluating the effectiveness of advertising campaigns for activities that Use services of Partners;

• Tracking User's activity on websites;

WinMiners does not use automatic decision making when processing User's cookie IDs.

Cookie processing time

WinMiners shall store the User's cookie IDs for no longer than the purpose of the processing, i.e. until the User has declined to be processed by the service in accordance with the section "Consent to the use of cookies".

• Distribution of Cookie Identifiers

• The User agrees that WinMiners may distribute its Cookie Identifiers where the purposes of the processing referred to in the Use of Cookies";

• with companies in the same group of companies as WinMiners and, or with companies that have a similar ownership structure or that are under common management with WinMiners under common management with WinMiners;

• with Partners - Partners can set their own cookies on the service site and may therefore collect the Cookie IDs themselves.

Transfer of cookies to third countries

The User agrees that the categories of persons who may receive its Cookie Identifiers according to the section "Distribution of Cookie Identifiers" may be outside its country and the European Economic Area. As a result, his Cookie Identifiers may be transferred from his country and the European Economic Area to countries where data protection and privacy regulations may differ from his country and provide a lower level of protection.

User rights in relation to cookies

The service user has the right:

• Receive information from WinMiners relating to the processing by WinMiners of Cookie identifiers;

• Receive from WinMiners, without unreasonable delay, a correction of inaccurate ID cookies that are bothering you;

• To have the cookie IDs deleted ("right to be forgotten");

• To restrict the processing of Cookie Identifiers where permitted by to comply with applicable laws;

• To receive from WinMiners the Cookie Identifiers in a structured, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and to transfer these data to another controller without being hindered in any way by the service;

• File a complaint against WinMiners with the data protection supervisory authority.

Updates to the Cookie Policy

WinMiners may update its Cookie Policy from time to time. In the event that the service changes this Cookie Policy to extend its rights to collect, process, use and store User's Cookie Identifiers, such changes shall apply to the User only after the User has consented to such changes. All other changes shall apply to the User after the new Cookie Policy has been published on the service's website.