Learn about the history of Winminers and our road
map for future products and innovations.

*The roadmap is not final and may be supplemented with new items and finalized in the process of development.

2023 Q4

User ratings


To be supplemented...

2023 Q3

Expanded knowledge base

P2P platform

Tax Reporting Form


To be supplemented...

2023 Q2

Airdrop capacities

Additional currencies

Steaking 1.0

Integration of the scrypt algorithm

Mining contracts LTC+DOGE

Affiliate Program

Exchange destinations

Telegram notifications

2023 Q1

Updated API

Updated contracts

Subscription to mining contracts

Public server monitoring

Transaction details

Additional currencies

Exchange operations

2022 Q4

Updating the server part

Additional mining pools

Additional currencies

Exchange operations

Airdrop capacities

2022 Q3

New electricity metering

Commission Optimization

Updating the web

Increased capacity

2022 Q2

Compensations for electricity

Exchange operations

march 2022

The official launch of the service online

2022 Q1

Beta-test of the pilot version of the service

2021 Q4

Integration with Data Centers and Mining Pools

2021 Q2-Q3

Development of the Web of the service

2021 Q1

Planning service functionality


With the rise of BTC, more and more companies and individuals have become interested in mining. A group of private mining centers decided to create an affordable one-click mining solution by remotely renting devices already running on the site. Thus, the Winminers cloud mining concept was born.